Terms & Conditions

The following are the Conditions of Entry that are in place for any attendance to ASLAN.

By attending ASLAN, you agree to abide by all of these terms and conditions and accept that failure to abide by them may result in your explusion or permanent barring from ASLAN events.


All Rules and Conditions will be strictly enforced.
If you elect not to comply with our Rules and Conditions, the Staff Team may impose consequences including but not limited to:

Disqualification with prejudice from tournaments and competitions.
Expulsion from the event. We may evict you without stating cause or providing a refund. Banned from ASLAN events for a determined period of time.
If you repeatedly or severely violate these Rules and Conditions, you may be banned from our events for life.


While at ASLAN the following terms and conditions apply to all atendees:

You consent to the use of your image (including but not limited to photography, video and audio recordings) by us and our sponsors for any purpose pertaining to the promotion and operation of ASLAN events.
You absolve us of any responsibility toward your person and your possessions to the extent permissible by law.
You agree to abide by ASLAN's alcohol free policy and agree to not consume alcohol anywhere on the St Paul Lutheran Primary School property.
Smoking is not permitted indoors or within 2 meters of any entrance.
The ASLAN staff reserves the right to evict anyone from the event at their absolute discretion.


For regular ASLAN events, the following rule applies: No person under the age of 15 shall be admitted or permitted to remain at a ASLAN event unless accompanied by an adult exercising parental control over the person.

At any event, an adult who is attending primarily to serve as a supervisor to a child under 18 is entitled to free social admission.

Photography and Filming

ASLAN may be photographed, recorded and streamed live.

By attending ASLAN you give permission to appear in any and all media recorded at ASLAN.

Recordings include: website, facebook, television, acompanied by any narration and dialogue.

Power Allocation

230VAC power provided for your hardware is subject to our acceptable use policy.
Excessive use of power will result in a warning where you will be expected to shut down devices that are using excessive power.
Excessive use will be determined by the availability of power and with consideration to the impact on other users.
A reasonable upper limit can be considerd approximately 500 watts per user.

Network Access

Access to the network at ASLAN is subject to the following conditions

* Deliberate abuse or disruption of the LAN infrastructure will result in immediate ejection from the event.
* Access to the Air-Stream network is a privilege provided to foster interest in Air- Stream. Abuse or disruption of the Air-Stream network will result in access being revoked.
* Access to the Internet is intended for game authentication, online-only games and light web browsing.
Excessive Internet usage (torrents, large downloads, streaming video) is not permitted.

File Sharing

Sharing of media in the public domain, or media for which you have been granted a license to distribute is permitted and encouraged at ASLAN.
Media in this category may include open source andshareware media.
Some software demo versions, game patches, software updates, video clips and movie trailers may also be shared.
Media over which some other party holds copyright, and which you do not hold a license to distribute, is in most cases prohibited by Australian copyright law.
Distributing such media is (in most cases) illegal, so don’t do it.
If you choose to engage in illegal activity, you may be detected, investigated and prosecuted.

You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with any license conditions and legal obligations relating to any media you choose to distribute. If you are unsure of the legal standing of your media, do not distribute it.

Appropriate Media for a Family Friendly ASLAN

ASLAN is a family friendly event, and any imagery you display, whether on your attire and possessions, or on your computer monitor, must be appropriate for that environment. Keep it family friendly, and be conscious of what you’re displaying.

Viewing, trading or sharing of adult material of any nature, licensed or otherwise, is strictly and expressly prohibited.

If a member of the Admin team asks you to remove an image from display, please immediately comply.

Under Australian law it may be a criminal offence for you to possess, view, exhibit, trade or otherwise distribute certain types of publications, films and computer games. Because of this, this behaviour is prohibited at ASLAN events and offenders will be subject to our Enforcement policy.

Criminal Activity

If any criminal activity is detected, the police will be informed, and ASLAN will cooperate fully in any investigation.

I Agree to the Terms & Conditions

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